During this stay-at-home order, a lot of people are letting out their creative side, and we want to see it! Whether paint, colored pencils, make-up looks, quilts- whatever it is you do to unleash your creative side. Below are submitted photos of art, if you would like your artwork on this page, please email Maggie at adult.prog@mulvanelib.org to send a picture of your masterpiece, what medium it is, name, and age of the artist. On May 2nd, we are going to “award” some of our community artists where they will earn ultimate bragging rights.

Emily, age 17, colored pencils:

Trinity, age 13, Digital Artist:

Samantha, Adult, Crochet

Stephanie, Adult, Crochet

Amanda, Adult, Crochet




Katelyn, age 9, Acrylic

Abigail, 17, Makeup Look


Hannah, Age 19, Watercolor and Fine Line Pen


Maejean, Adult, Acrylic on Wood


Stephanie, Adult, Oil on Canvas