To get a free Mulvane Public Library (Kanshare) Card:

  • Visit the Mulvane Public Library information desk.
  • Present a photo ID with a current address.
    • Mail may be brought in as proof of current address if the ID does not reflect changes.
    • If you are without proof of current address, the library card can be mailed (checkouts limited to 2 items until the mailed library card is received and returned as verification of address).
  • Applicants ages 16 and older may apply without a guardian (school IDs are accepted forms of identification).
  • Youth ages 15 and under will need a legal parent or guardian present with their picture ID to apply for a library card.
  • In order for adults to open a card for their youth, the youth must be present.
  • Replacement cards are $1.00



Books:  no limit for 3 weeks

DVD’s:  limit 6 for 1 week

Magazines:  no limit for 1 week

Books on CD’s:  limit 10 for 3 weeks

Playaways/Wonder Books:  limit 6 for 3 weeks

Video Games:  limit 2 for 1 week (not owned by Mulvane, but borrowable through KanShare)

Reading Ready Packs:  limit 1 for 3 weeks

Community Explorer Packs:  limit 1 for 1 week



You may renew an item two times (if it’s not on hold for another patron). Community Explorer packs are non-renewable.



Overdue charges are $.25 per day per item (exception Community Explorer backpacks)

You must pay fines and fees more than $10.00 in order to check out or renew items.

Fees for damaged items to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Youth are not responsible for fines on their parent’s cards, but parents/guardians who sign for the youth’s membership will be held responsible for the minor’s charges.

Youth ages 14-18 may volunteer overdue fines off their cards.  Ask for more information at the Library.

Youth under the age of 14 may read down their overdue fines.  Ask for more information at the Library.

Library Loot for adults can be used to pay off $1.00 of overdue fines

Twice a year, we offer Food for Fines, where patrons can bring in canned food items (not ramen) to pay off overdue fines. Each canned item equals $1.00 off. Ask for more information at the Library.