Stuck at Home?

Spending some quality time with your kids at home?  Wonderful!
Stumped on what to do – we got you covered!

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We are collecting a variety of things things that Kids, Teens, and Adults can do from home!  This list is growing and changing as more museums, zoos, and businesses share more of their resources.  Keep in mind – we are not checking your age, so please check outside the targeted audiences, there might be something right up your alley elsewhere!

Miss Victoria Collections:

The following is a link to fun things Miss Victoria has found online that you can do at home!  Be sure to watch Miss Victoria on Facebook Live every weekday at 10:30 AM for an awesome Story Time!

At Home Activities

Kid Activities:

Here are kid activities that we or others have found online that are free for the public to use.  We are doing our best to keep it current.  Some are learning games/printables, some are just boredom busters, and luckily -some are both too!

AWE Learning Printable: These FREE printable worksheets can help students continue learning while school is out.  They are adding more worksheets as time goes on, so keep checking the page for updates.

Audible for Kids:  While school is out Audible is letting kids listen to books for free.  So if our Overdrive doesn’t have what you are looking for (Which you get access to for free ALL the time), check out Audible! These freebies are targeted for children 0 -13 years old.

Cincinnati Zoo Cams:  Did you know that some zoos are doing FacebookLive safari tours – including Fiona the Hippo’s home at the Cincinnati Zoo! Under Adult activities, there is a link to other awesome online tours you and the kids may enjoy!

Wildearth South Africa – Live Stream Safari – Check out a live stream of animals in the wild!  You can ask questions at times as well.  What a wonderful way to see the Earth’s creatures!

Coloring Pages from Museums: Coloring pages from over 100 museums!

Sewing:  Tips for beginners and sewing project ideas for kids!

Kate Messner Resources:  Kate Messner is a children’s author, and during this quarantine time, she has collected all sorts of resources for children K-12.  These include author read aloud (including the first chapter of chapter books, how to draw videos with illustrators, and mini-lessons on writing.  There is a ton of fun stuff on here that will help kids of all ages tap into their creative sides.

Ellen’s Head-Up app:  Currently free for digital download.  The whole family can have fun! This opportunity won’t last long!

Les Mills Free Kid Exercise:  Take advantage of these free online dance videos that are geared for children.  Fun songs to get out all the wiggles! (Scroll down to view videos – you don’t have to subscribe.)

Dog Man Digital Escape Room:  Play by yourself or with a friend, join an adventure with Dog Man and see if you can escape!

Learn to Code:  This link will show you awesome resources so you can start learning to code!

Teen Activities:

The following are activities for teens.  They include ACT test prep, job skills, and things to do for when you are bored.

ACT Test Prep:  Prep for the ACT test through the Kansas State Library!

College Success Skills:  Take the time to make sure you are ready for the next step in your educational career!

Career Prep:  Know what you want to do?  You are awesome!  Learn more about your future career with career prep and

Internet Archive blog:  Bust Boredom.  Awesome list of games to play, concerts to watch, and places to get access to free content.  Worth it to check out!

National Park Virtual Tours:  Google has a collection of amazing national parks and wonders that you can explore.  Works for VR and just your computer.  But you better have a pen and paper handy – you will need to make a future travel list after looking at these beautiful sites!

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room:  Join friends virtually for a fun escape room!

Disney Coasters:  Great if you have a VR set, (if you don’t- make one from  Cardboard) or just enjoy watching without.

Adult Activities: 

The Adult activities list is filled with things you can do from home.  A few of these items you can also experience with a younger person in your household as well.

Free Magazines:  Read free magazines through the library on RB Digital.  Download the app and enjoy!  (Video Tutorial coming soon!)

Ebooks & Audiobooks with Overdrive:  Listen and Read on your computer or phone.  Visit the site or download the app on your smart device and use your library card number to gain access to all our content on Overdrive.  The link provided will get you to the overdrive online page, you can browse or login to read!  (Video Tutorial coming soon!).

RB Digital E-Library:  Through the Kansas State Library, Kansas residents can access their digital collection.  You do need a Kansas State Library Card.  If you do not have one- call the Mulvane Public Library between 10 am and noon OR email OR private message us on Facebook, and we will get that set up for you as soon as we can.  (Video Tutorial coming soon!)

Art Sherpa:  Learn to paint with the Art Sherpa!  Follow her step by step to paint amazing paintings.  Watercolor available too!

YMCA 360:  Get your blood pumping and exercise from your home!  The Greater Wichita YMCA has launched its Y360 YouTube channel that is filled with great exercise programs you can do!  You do not need to have a membership, this is free! All ages and abilities.

Mango Languages:  Learn a new language with the help of the Kansas State Library!

Kansas State Library:  Filled with all sorts of great online resources and classes for Kansas residents.

Computer Classes:  Kansas State Library’s database, Learning Express, has basic computer classes so you can get to know your computer better.

Live Music Archive: Listen to live music right in your own living room.  A wide collection – find something you know or something new to you!

Online Tours:  Tour museums, zoo cams, and even the Buckingham palace right from your home!  This link will take you to an article that has all the details.  Who knew your couch could be so cultural!


Mulvane Community Updates: 

Support our awesome community during the COVID-19 precautionary measures.  Businesses are working hard to keep their businesses afloat so they can serve you in the future!


Mulvane Schools:  As they receive and send out updates that are posting them to the front of the school website page.

Lil’ Deuce Scoop: The dining room is closed, however, you can get their ice cream and sandwiches through walk-up curbside or call in orders and they will run it to your car.  Monday – Friday they will offer lunch delivery.  They cannot guarantee evening and weekend delivery due to limited staff. Menus are on Facebook! Call 316-558-3853.

Empire Tacos:  Offering curbside carry out of all their delicious food and delivery.  Call 316-358-7694.  Sunday – Saturday 11-7 pm.

Luciano’s: The dining room is closed, but is still offering excellent Italian food through curbside take out Wednesday – Sunday, 11:30 – 7 pm.  Call 316-777-0045

Laurie’s Kitchen: The dining room is open, but limited to 10 people only.  Curbside Take-out. Tuesday- Sunday, 7 AM – 3 PM.  Call 316-777-9198.

Amy’s Pizza Place:  Still serving your favorite pizza and breadsticks! Check out their Facebook for all sorts of extra things they are offering during this time! This includes take and bake pasta- Yum! Curbside and Delivery Only.  Monday – Saturday 11 AM-8 PM.  Call 316-866-2803

Main Street Nutrition:  Get curbside takeout of all your favorite nutritious shakes!  Monday – Thursday 11 AM – 4 PM.  Call or text 316-573-5395

Mulvane Rec Center: What is the 30 Day MRC Challenge? This FREE challenge is broken down into 4 separate categories: Youth Sports (17 years and younger), Youth Fitness (17 years and younger), Adult Fitness (18 years and older), and Youth Blowin’ Off Steam (12 years and younger).

Our Youth Blowin’ Off Steam category will be targeted towards our Cat Pack Program age demographic and their parents. Challenges will include educational activities and simple arts and crafts projects using things around your home! Kande has some awesome things in store for you guys!

Completing 15 of the challenges in any one, single category will win you an exclusive MRC t-shirt and either a 30 day MRC single membership or 30 free day passes. If you participate in all 30 days of a single category, you will be entered into a pool to win our GRAND PRIZE! While each person can only win one prize bundle, you are encouraged to participate in all of our challenges!  Look to their Facebook to get the details on the challenges!